Monday, February 27, 2012

Over Kool-Aid

A couple of years ago I stopped drinking soda (aka pop or Coke).  I did this to try and lose weight and to save money.  It worked.  In the process I have learned that if you want to stop doing something it's not enough to just turn your back on it, you have to actually turn to something else.  So I turned from soda to...KOOL-AID!  Maybe not the most healthy alternative but it is an improvement.  In the process of switching beverages I reconnected with nine-year-old me and we have been having a great couple of years together.

There is something magical about Kool-Aid.  It's hard to act like a pompous, know-it-all,  grown-up with grape Kool-Aid in your hand.  Especially if you go all in and rock the Joker-like smile caused by your cup of sugary goodness.  There's nothing like licking your lips an hour after your meal and tasting a touch of grape.  So come, pour your glass and let's talk about life Over Kool-Aid.